Antonino Perricone

Personal infos
Born in Palermo, November 6th, 1978
Nationality: Italian
phone: +39-333-3725197
February 2015
Programmer TecnoLogica
Various internal projects
  • Harbour developer
    • Updated the project from xHarbour 2009 Harbour 2015
    • Updated Fivewin libraries from version 2010 to version 2015
    • Modernization user interface
    • Developed custom report module
    • Created client service for synchronizing multiple installations
  • ASP.NET Visual Basic/C# developer
    • Updated Infragistics libraries from version 2010 to version 2015
    • Updated HTML/JS for HTML5 compatibility
    • SQL server database
    • Website for management of stores
    • Google maps API integration
    • Various improvements
    • Customer support
From October 2013
Until December 2014
Programmer MWPowerLab
Internal projects
  • Object-C project on iPad
  • Augmented reality project
  • Programming .NET c#
  • Advanced Multi Threaded Physics and Graphics project
  • Database management
  • Wool Cloth Simulation
  • Wool Cloth Photorealistic Rendering
From January 2011
Until January 2013
PS3 programmer Company Geniaware
Of Savona(SV)(Italy)
Project "Lords of football", to be published
  • Complete Playstation 3 porting
  • Support and optimization
  • Use of library GameBryo on PS3
  • Use of library Speedtree on PC and PS3
  • Use of library Scaleform on PC with Actionscript scripting
From March 2008
Until January 2011
R'n'D Programmer Company Milestone
Of Milan(MI)(Italy)
Research and development team:
  • Main maintainer of in-house Editor
  • Steering wheels support on 3 platforms (PC, X360 and PS3)
  • Work in team on Engine, Game and tools, for games:
    • WRC The game
    • SBK-X
    • Superstars V8 next challenge
    • Superstars V8 racing
    • SBK 09
    • MotoGP 08
From November 2002
until February 2008
Graphic engine programmer Company Idoru S.r.l.
Of Padua(PD)
Project: "The Minis The Official Videogame", published in Italy, based on "Fronte del basket 2". Official game of "the minis" movie.
  • Graphic engine adaptation
  • External lighting management, changing shadow system and others.
  • Non-photorealistic render
  • Improvement of animation system to handle dwarfs characters
  • Improvement of physics engine: Multi-ball and ball dispenser support
Projects "Fronte del basket" and "Fronte del basket 2", published in Italy and other nations for PC. Official game of the Italian league of basketball
  • DirectX graphics engine
  • 3DSMax exporter
  • Complex animation system
    • Advanced moving animation support
    • Managing of animation matrices, multi animation blending system
    • Inverse kinematics
    • Hands animation support (basket 2)
  • Complex face system (basket 2)
  • Physic system: ball and basket (particle system of net)
  • Scripting system with internal editor
  • Special effect: reflection, shadow, special shaders for skin and hair
  • Input library
  • Menu system with editor (basket1)
Project "Hot sport Beach Volley".
  • Graphic engine adaptation from "Volley World League"
  • Atmospheric effects: procedural sky, sun lens-flare
  • Sea effects: Waves breaking on the beach, particle effects, swimming fish, etc.
  • Anatomic physics
  • Menu restyling: various animated effects
Project "Volley World League", published with the name "LVF2004" in Italy and with the names "International Volleyball 2004" and "Volleyball 2004" abroad.PC and an unpublished Xbox version.
  • OpenGL graphic engine (with XBox DirectX version).
  • 3DSMax exporter
  • Photoshop Importer/Exporter of internal texture format
  • Basic sound engine.
  • Input library
  • Program flow and menus.
  • Database graphic support: teams, players, customizations.
  • Arena management: crowd, lights, etc
  • Scripting system.
  • Special effects: shadow, fisheye camera, reflection.
  • XBox Conversion (graphic engine from OpenGL to DirectX, Pad and memory card management)
Project "Jasmine", graphics engine dedicated to architecture, commissioned by private, private. Only programmer.
  • OpenGL graphic Engine
  • 3DSMax exporter (with internal system to reduce and save of textures)
  • Management large environments
  • Multithread loading
  • Sky and clouds management, lighting based on time and place with sun and moon.
  • Support for pre-computed lighting.
  • Reflexive water with pixelshader 2.0.
October 2000
October 2002
Graphics programmer Trecision S.p.A.
Project "Zidane football generation", published with the name "calcio 2003" for PC and with the name "football generation" for PS2:
  • RenderWare graphic engine support
  • Special effects: lens-flare, particles system, shadow.
  • Managing of complex environments: stadiums, crowds, etc
  • Dyminac players lod
  • Atmospheric effects
  • Animation system
Project "Scooty racers", unpublished, developed for PC and PS2.
  • RenderWare graphic engine support
  • NPR rendering on PC and PS2.
  • managing complex gameplay and beauty objects: airships, trains, airplanes, etc
  • Co-creation of game editor
  • Animation system with Inverse kinematic
  • Special effects: particle system, motion blur
Personal projects
Javascript/HTML5 experiment, Transform photographs in paintings.
HTML5 bomberman
First experiment of HTML5.
Block-out Clone, Open source, using OpenGL and OpenAL, with radiosity and shaders.

Virtual manikin for artists, GUI studies about placing of complex model in 3D space.

HTML5 bomberman
Little experiment with canvas and HTML5
Deferred rendering
Some rendering experiments
Computer science knowledge
  • Very good C/C++ knowledge with Microsoft e GCC compilers
  • Good C# knowledge
  • Good Object-C knowledge
  • Good Java knowledge
  • Basic assembler knowledge of Intel microprocessor, from 8086 to MMX and 3DNow.
  • Basic Visual Basic knowledge.
  • Very skilled in MaxScript.
  • Basic Python knowledge.
  • Good Pascal knowledge (some time ago)
  • Strong capacity to adapt to unknown languages
1993 - 1998 Chief Technical Diploma in electronics and telecommunications I.T.I.S. "A. Volta"